Youth from all sites will be picked up in front of their Community Centers by the TRAILS van at approx. 12:00pm to attend camp at Beaver Valley Christian Fellowship, 903 8th Avenue, Beaver Falls.

Research is pointing to the fact that some of the best forms of prevention are insured by kids learning how to THINK THROUGH their choices.  We’ll be practicing skills like communication, conflict resolution, problem solving, and decision making and applying them to issues youth face.  These are skills that have the potential to impact youth for the rest of their lives.  

Youth will be separated by age group: 9-12 and 13-18 to discuss the issues relevant with others their own age.


Every year the Pennsylvania office of Attorney General Education provides an outreach program to discuss cyber safety and anti-cyber bullying.  Content is age-appropriate and includes the use of videos and real life stories.
Gateway Rehab’s Youth Program join the Hayes team to provide up-to-date prevention education on drugs currently relevant in our communities. Gateway provides an opportunity for kids to have safe and honest conversations about drugs and alcohol and answers any questions. TRAILS also brings in several men and women who have been in recovery for years to tell their story.
Domestic violence and sexual assault affect all people including children. Each summer the Women’s Center provides programs which are geared towards the children to promote healthy, non-violent relationships and equip them with resources to know where to go if they or anyone they know ever would need help.
This age group will have the opportunity to go swimming every week
Youth will regularly have the opportunity to exercise and compete in various sports and recreational activities.  Hayes Ball is back this year, a game combining tag and capture the flag.  Hayes partners with First Presbyterian Church to utilize their gym and will also utilize local outdoor fields to burn off some energy!
The Carnegie Free Library of Beaver Falls is excited to partner with TRAILS to help make summer a time of fun, discovery, and growth for kids and teens.  We will explore different topics each week, and our hands-on STEAM programming is designed to engage minds and imaginations.   For more information about our Summer Reading Program or Library Events, go to or call (724) 843-4340.

-Christine Kroger

Children’s Librarian

Through a partnership with Seeds of Hope, youth will be a part of a new Community Garden being established at the Mt. Washington Apartments. Youth will be offered activities such as creating stepping stones, caring for plants, and food projects.
Partnerships are still being worked out to provide youth with multiple experiences connecting them to the outdoors.  A possible fishing workshop may be offered, as well as a farming workshop and/or on-site experiential educational workshops inviting youth to taste and smell and see elements of the world that they may have never appreciated before.